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Walmart Marketplace Optimization & Advertising Solutions

Why Sell on Walmart Marketplace?

Customer Base is Expansive

Walmart is the second largest eCommerce selling platform – Amazon is number one. Also, Walmart is a household name with 90% of Americans living within 10 miles of one of it’s more than 4,700 retail stores.

No Monthly or Setup Fees

Walmart marketplace does not currently have a setup fee or recurring monthly fee for sellers. However, interested sellers do need to submit an application and be approved by Walmart. Additionally, there are fees when you sell your product.

Less Competitive

Walmart is newer to the eCommerce playing field making it less competitive. According to Walmart, sellers get 13x more visitors per month compared to sellers on Amazon. Having less competition should provide a higher sales velocity for sellers who get established on the platform early on.

Walmart – Sales increase 2,107.96% over 1 year...

A growing plastics manufacturer and seller on Amazon wanted to expand their online presence into additional marketplaces.

Walmart Marketplace Consulting Services

Listing Content Development

Increase organic exposure and conversions on with expertly crafted copy for your product listing title, bullet points and descriptions.

Visual Content Execution

Drive conversions with powerful visual content – photography, graphics and video.

PPC Advertising Management

Gain visibility and position your products in front of your target audience.

Fulfillment and Shipping

Assistance setting up, training and optimizing the process of WFS (Walmart Fulfilment Services).

Walmart Brand Portal

Protect your brand and gain access to update any locked-for-editing content on existing listings.

Enlist in Review Program

Help facilitate key review programs like Spark Reviewer, Review Syndication and enhanced content through third-party services.

Pro Seller Badge

Acquire the coveted Pro Seller badge on your product listings to ensure you stand out as a top seller.

Listing Quality

Review and make recommendations to improve the Listing Quality Score.

Customer Service

Maintain a positive shopping experience and customer relationship by being on top of answering questions, replying to inquiries, and addressing unsatisfied customer concerns.


Easy-to-digest training sessions with your team to establish and maintain product listings on

Before You Submit Your Application

Walmart – Sales increase 28.05%

A men’s grooming product company established a strong track record on Amazon and saw potential in expanding their online sales presence to outside markets. They created a Walmart Seller Central account but ran into numerous issues editing listings and improving their reach on Walmart’s Marketplace.

How to Get Started

Full Service eCommerce Consulting Agency

Our highly-talented team will be your right hand when it comes to setting up listings, monitoring accounts, managing PPC and more. It’s our job to make selling on eCommerce marketplaces easier.

We’re here to:

Assist with expanding your eCommerce presence to take advantage of additional revenue streams.

Lighten your workload by formulating a plan of action and providing account management resources

Explain the logic and intricacies of selling on eCommerce platforms like Amazon and Walmart, troubleshoot and handle any issues that arise to keep your business on track